Micro Laboratories just recently added a new lab to our facility.  As we grew to have a variety of the best metrology equipment available today, we realized that we needed to create a better environment for that equipment.  A lab inside of a lab, we have moved all of our sub micron equipment to the new lab in an effort to further decrease our uncertainty and increase the quality of our calibrations.

The High Accuracy Dimensional lab focuses on:

  • Gage Blocks
  • Angle Blocks
  • Plug Gages
  • Ring Gages
  • Thread Plug Gages
  • Thread Ring Gages
  • Spline Rings
  • Large instruments where temperature plays a major role


In our new lab you can find the following equipment:

The MasterScanner


The MasterScanner is the state of the art thread calibration device.  Utilizing a tactile probe to scan both sides of a thread gage, either ring or plug, The MasterScanner gives Major, Minor, PD, Pitch, Lead, Half Angle, Full Angle and Taper.  Aside from the standard calibrations we provide, our labs utilization of the MasterScanner has helped manufacturers across the entire country find issues in their manufacturing process and correct them using this revolutionary technology.

Micro Laboratories is affiliated with MasterScanner USA, who is the US distributor for the MasterScanner.  This close affiliation has made Micro Laboratories the home of The MasterScanner in the US.  The above pictured MasterScanner is an XPL-300-C, which MasterScanner USA is installing in our High Accuracy lab for demonstrations. Micro Labs also has a MasterScanner XP10060, pictured here:


For more information on The MasterScanner, follow this link.

The Mahr ULM-600 E


The Mahr ULM-600 E is the most accurate ULM available on the market.  With a 0.1µin resolution, the ULM allows us of have uncertainties half a micron and lower!  When combining the ULM with our standards that NIST calibrates, we provide some of the lowest uncertainty calibrations available outside of NIST itself.